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Scripted Shows

Also known as the FRIB show. Scripted show that covers topics such as the Nucleus, Radiation, Accelerators, Super Conductors and Nuclear Fission!

Also known as the Nano Show. Scripted show that covers Modern Physics topics such as the Photoelectric Effect, the Uncertainty Principle and Schrodinger's Cat.

Under Construction. Scripted show that explains Electric Charge, Magnetism, Induction, Light, and how they are all connected.

Under Construction. Scripted show that covers the Periodic Table and the properties of the different parts of it.

Non-Scripted Shows

A 45 minute presentation which covers our solar system, crater formation, parallax, and more!

Under Construction. This non-scripted show covers various types of reactions and some basic physical chemistry for reactions.

Unscripted show which encourages kids to learn about their environment, and to Reduce, Reuse Recycle!

Under Construction. Non-scripted show which covers the science behind Temperature and Kinetic Theory.

Under Construction. This non-scripted show covers the connection between forces and motion, in linear systems and rotational systems.

Unscripted show which covers Cryogenics, and the science of cold. Consists of all elements from the Liquid Nitrogen writeup, and a few extra!

This non-scripted show consists of our several pressure demonstrations to show connections between Vacuums, Airplanes, Sports, and our Bed of Nails.

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