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Topic: Sub-topics
Grade Range: Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Format: Hands-on, Stage

This space is intended to describe the demonstration that is here. Please use this space to describe in short the demonstration, making sure to mention here if it will require any additional safety equipment or how easily it can be adjusted for varied grade levels. Use this page as a base layout for editing the wiki. Feel free to copy the layout onto other pages, and to put the content as needed into the page.



  • List
  • Of
  • Materials
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Safety Precautions

Please read the ____ section of the Demonstration Safety page before performing this demonstration.

This demonstration requires:


  1. Steps for the demonstration.
  2. Be sure to clarify on steps about any safety equipment needed.
  3. Make sure steps can be understood by a first-time reader.

Why This Works

Short Explanation

This is where you would provide a basic, easy-to-understand explanation of the demonstration. Try not to use too much "Science Jargon", and if needed add any explanation tips, like comparing the demo to something kids are familiar with.

Full Explanation

This is where you will explain the demonstration in full, and provide all additional information that pertains to the demo. Unlike the short explanation above, this should be worded so someone who is familiar with the topics might understand it. If needed, you can provide equations and citations for additional sources of information on the topic. This is also where you will find some answers for trickier questions, such as "How does a plane fly upside-down?" for the Bernoulli's Principle demo. If you want to add a floating box for equations, copy the following:

This will give you a floating box.
The box will be centered for you.

Additional Information

  • Any extra tidbits that do not fit into other sections
  • This demonstration is a part of the (insert Stage Show here)
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