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This is the help page for those in Science Theatre who want to edit the wiki. I will list below some basic formatting information so you can get started.

If you run into any issues, please contact either the Outreach Coordinator for the Physics department or the current Head Director for Science Theatre.

Use this Sample Page to see how to lay out the base format on each demonstration.


Basic Formatting Tools

These are basic tools for editing the wiki. The majority are very similar to HTML, so basic knowledge in HTML will help.


To make a Title, put a set of equal signs (==) on either side of the title text. "Basic Formatting Tools" has one equal sign on each side.

adding extra equal signs will make the title different sizes.

Sample 1

two on each side

Sample 2

three on each side

Sample 3

four on each side

It is worth noting that the title needs to be on its own line. = Sample Title = Won't work here because it is on this line of text.

Simple Formatting

Line Spacing

To put space between lines, you have to put two spaces between them on the edit screen.

If you put two between, they are on separate lines. If you start a sentence immediately under another, they will follow each other on one line.

If you need a line break, put four dashes together on their own line.

They will generate the line break


To make a dotted list, use asterisks (*)

  • Each one will start a new line
  • You do not need to put extra space between them to continue the list

To make a numbered list, put the pound sign (#) at the start of each line.

  1. It will automatically start at 1
  2. It will continue until you break the sequence
  3. If you break a sequence, then it will go back to one

breaking sequence here

  1. If you do not wish to have it restart, then manually insert the next number.


If you want to put something inside of a box on-screen, insert a space at the start of the sentence.

That space will insert the text into a box
* Inside the box, a bulleted list won't work properly
# A numbered list does not work inside the box
= Title = does not work either
Italics will still work, and bold will still work too.
The wiki will see it as pre-formatted, but it can still be edited.
    The number of spaces you put into the box will adjust the indent

Bold and Italics

  • For Italics, use two apostrophes (')
  • For Bold, use three.
  • For Bold and Italic, use five.

To have an intro bolded line, start the sentence with a semicolon(;)

You can end the bolded line using a colon
The colon (:) breaks the line, and puts the rest of the text below the bold text, even if it is typed on the same line.

Advanced Formatting Tools


To place a wiki table, you need to place down several rows. The first row you place determines the class and style. The style can affect the background color for the wikitable, text color, margins, and whether the box floats (can have text alonside it) or not.

Wikitable Sample
{| class="wikitable" style="color:blue; background-color:#ddd; margin: auto; float:left"
Note how there are semicolons separating all the style components.
Wikitable Sample
{| class="wikitable" style="color:black; background-color:#ddd; margin: auto; text-align:right; float:right"
Also note that the class is not being changed.

For the wikitables, the components that you may change between write-ups are all within style, and are the following:

  • margin: can be written as margin-left, margin-right, or just as margin. If float is not included, you can use margin-left or margin-right to determine which side of the screen the box will be placed on.
  • float: can be written as float: left; float: right; or float: center; but doesn't need to be included. If you want the wikitable to stand alone, remove the float portion of the style.
  • color: refers to the color of the text. If you wish to make the text colorized, feel free to do so!
  • text-align: When not added in, the wikitable will automatically align the text to the left. Can be used to align the text center, left or right.
  • background-color shouldn't need to be changed, and the class will always be "wikitable"

The first wikitable on the Sample Page should not need any style editing, and only need to have the text edited for the demonstration. The second wikitable is set up to be edited, so be sure to edit the styling for it as you see fit.


If you want to leave a comment in the editing screen, and not on the webpage, put an arrow on each side, with the left arrow having an exclamation point.

 Left Side: <!--
 Right Side: --> 

Prevent Formatting

If you want the wiki to NOT format something in a certain way, there are options to get around it.

  • You can use <pre> at the start of a sentence, closing with </pre>. Anything between them does not get formatted. It tells the wiki that it is preformatted.
    • example of preformatting
  • you can also use <nowiki> to tell the wiki to not format something, closing with </nowiki>

Coloring Text

You can also color text by using <span style="color: name"> at the start of a sentence. Make sure to end with </span>.

 you can also use the style="color: name" portion of it to color a preformatted sentence.
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